Video Production

Video is the quickest way to bring a message to your family, friends, and customers. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video could be a novel. We use the industry standards and build on them to bring the highest quality film for our clients. We strive to enhance your brand and create marketing videos that will draw the attention of your audience in a viral way.



Video Post Production

We use the entire Adobe Suite to bring your video content to life. Whether that is doing a quick edit in Premiere Pro, to adding 3D text and animation in After Effects, or polishing up frame by frame in Photoshop. We can do it all and we use it all.

Video Partner and Creation

Video production can be a daunting endeavor and that is why STUDIO57PRODUCTION will partner with you to create a story that matches your vision. There is no throwing you to the wolves. We will come along side and assist in making the correct script direction, scene locations, and talent selection. We will help in creating a warm environment that will make your co-workers at ease and not stressed about being on camera for the first time. Our goal is to make your experience with us as painless as possible.

Video Finalized

Whether you desire is to bring your final video to a trade show, live event, website, or Youtube we will be there to assist in the conversion process. Our knowledge of viral marketing allows us to point you in the direction where posting your video makes the most sense and will be seen by the most people. We don't recommend TV marketing if you do 90% of your sales online. We look and make recommendation that are import to your video project and marketing goals.